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Fast, easy and simple registration of limited liability companies (LLCs) in Denmark

The Entrepeneur (IVS)

Get started with as little as EUR 1 in share capital. This is for you as an Entrepreneur who just needs a company with as few strings attached as possible.

Pricing starts at EUR 1.000.

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The Established Company (ApS)

This is the standard LLC. It's similar to the UK limited (ltd).
The minimum capital requirement is EUR 6.700.

Pricing starts at EUR 2.000.

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The Corporation (A/S)

This is for you who will have many owners or maybe even be publicly traded.
The minimum required capital is EUR 67.000.

Pricing starts at EUR 10.000.

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Why incorporate in Denmark?

Why incorporate in Denmark?

  • Through Denmark you get access to the most lucrative markets of the EU with more than 100 million consumers
  • With "flexicurity" you get the most flexible hiring and firing rules in the world. This reduces the costs of scaling business operations up or down.
  • Register and finish your incorporation in days and not weeks.
  • No resident requirements for the management (including the CEO and the Board of Directors)
  • No notarial deeds
  • Compared to the other Nordic countries it is tax efficient to establish your business in Denmark
  • Danish company law is modern and in conformity with the current EU legislation


We will help you all the way from the registration of your company to your yearly auditing.