Form a company in Denmark and accept credit cards from day one

Paylike credit card

It’s not without reason that Denmark is the #1 ranked country for business by Forbes. Besides, fast incorporation of companies, great business environment, and flexible legal requirements, having a company in Denmark makes it super easy and cheap to accept credit cards.

EU regulation has forced VISA and Mastercard to lower their prices for card transactions for EU companies and on EU issued credit cards giving you an advantage on your competition outside of the EU.

When you choose to incorporate your Danish company with you immediately become eligible to get a merchant account agreement with to start accepting credit cards right away. is a modern full-stack payment solution making it really easy, simple and cheap to accept credit cards online.

Besides the merchant account agreement, you will receive a bank account at our partnering bank if you don’t already have a banking connection.

Prices starts at EUR 1,000.

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