Who can found and be a shareholder in a Danish LLC (IVS, ApS, A/S)?

A Danish LLC can be founded by any individual entity no matter what citizenship the person has. In a similar fashion, a legal entity (e.g. a foreign LLC) can also be a founder or shareholder in a Danish LLC.

Requirement for the founder(s)


  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Can’t be an owner of a company that is bankrupt, insolvent or is undergoing financial reconstruction
  • Can’t be personal insolvent in most cases (contact us if this is the case)

Legal entity

  • The legal entity has to be recognised by the Danish state as valid (EU companies and etc are recognised)
  • The legal entity can’t be bankrupt, insolvent or undergoing financial reconstruction

There are no special requirements for an individual or a legal entity in regards to being a shareholder.


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